How Technology Has Changed Dating

How Technology Has Changed Dating

The way we date has changed significantly over recent years. It used to be as simple as meeting someone at work or at the gym, hitting it off and spending lots of time together. If all went well then you’d fall in love and live happily ever after. The internet has changed all that but is it a good thing?

Social Networking

Many people start new relationships after chatting on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. These sites have made it easier than ever to flirt and meet new people. Evidence suggests that people are less likely to stay in unhappy relationships believing that they more opportunities than ever to meet new people including through sites like Facebook and Twitter. Advances in technology mean that we’re much less likely to invest in relationships as we see our partners as being disposable.

Adult Dating Sites

Whatever you’re into there’s an adult dating site for you. Internet dating has evolved and we’re more than happy to go online looking for ways to explore our fetishes. We’re also much more open about what we want from a sexual relationship and perhaps a little kinkier! The internet has allowed us to learn about sex and improve our sex lives so our expectations and demands are higher than ever.

Playing the Field

Technology like smart phones and email allow us to communicate much more freely and openly than ever before. It’s easy to send a naughty text message to someone when often we wouldn’t say it to their face. We have become a lot braver through technology and flirt outrageously via text and email. These methods of communication take very little effort and for some reason if we get rejected it doesn’t seem to matter too much. If someone doesn’t reply to a text more often than not we let it pass.

We Cast the Net Wider

Online dating has made it possible to meet people outside of our normal circles. Although we look for people with the same interests as us when dating online we actually have a much larger pool to choose from. Most people tend to use pretty broad searches when dating online and don’t limit themselves to a specific type of person.

We Love to Snoop

More people than you might think Google their date before they go on a first date. We also post our entire life story on Facebook so it’s easy to visit someone’s page to find out more about them. When in a relationship we also use the internet to keep tabs on them to make sure they’re not up to no good. Technology has had a huge impact on dating both positive and negative and it will continue to evolve further. How we date today will undoubtedly change again and bring new exciting opportunities as well as challenges.

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